Saturday, March 22, 2008

Utah? Idaho? Montana? Why choose, we can go to all 3!

Ty and I went to visit the Smith Clan last month. Whenever we head out west we always seem to try to change the rotation of the earth with the pure amount of stuff that we try to stuff into a week. I don't know how it is possible. We flew into Utah and spent the night, than to Idaho, then to Montana for some Big Sky time and then back through a again. I still havn't recovered!

So I took snowboarding classes 2 months before the trip so that I could join the fun at Big Sky instead of being a lodge rat. Well, in the process, as many of you know, I broke my tailbone. So of coarse I wasn't going to be able to snowboarding, we went dog sledding!!!!! Something I have
always wanted to do!

We got a chance to head to Rexburg to see our friends and spend an incredibly romantic valentines day at Big Juds (home of the greasiest 1 pound hamburger and fry sauce) with our friends. Then we got to go and see the Rexburg temple. It is so beatiful!
Sorry for the bad quality, I took the picture while the car was moving.

I even got to shoot a hand gun. Big deal for me, I'm a dork. I managed to give myself a bloodblister but I hit a target a time or two. We were dumb enough to do it without ear plugs too. I guess we didn't want to take the extra 10 seconds to find them. Not smart!

I think that covers like 1/8 of the trip!


Ryan & Andie said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog! Good for you! Looks like your trip was fun...was the dog sledding in Idaho? I've never seen mountains like that but they look beautiful.

The Seaman Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip. That is so fun that you got to do so many new things. Good for you guys.

The Blairs said...

HOw fun! you guys are awesome. Very adventurous! Man i am so excited for you to come!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! I LOVE Big Juds! YUM!

Sarah said...

yay- I am so glad you found me. I was just thinking about you guys & wondering where you were & what you were up to. Glad you made it to Rexburg temple. What's new?