Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy, Happy birthday, I might Scout dog dear!!!

Scout turns the ripe old age of 3 today! I must say, she wouldn't shut up about it last night, she was too excited! She gets to spend the whole day not being home alone! Yay! If only it was that easy to please the rest of us, right???

Here are some things I love about Scout:
1. Her ears! If you have ever met Scout you know what I mean. The are so expressive and not to mention you can make them flap like a bat! She is often the focus of a spontaneous chorus of "do your ears hang low"
2. I have never met a dog who like to cuddle more. She always comes and lays down next to me before bed.
3. I think shes part rabbit! This dog can jump like nobody's business!


Andie said...

Ummm, I think maybe she was just "excited" because of all the chocolate pudding she ate??? ;-)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Scout!

The Seaman Family said...

Have a happy birthday!