Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where have I been you ask???

Well, I don't have a good answer to that! Ha! I have been shaving my legs (this is a lie, ask Ty), brushing Big Blue (another lie), doing laundry (liar liar pants on fire!), painting my toe nails (if only this were true!), getting my eyebrows waxed (oh the humanity!), and spending several hours making dog treats (unfortunantly, extremely true)!!!!

No but the real purpose of this post is to get you to go to a website!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! (laughs evil-ishly) I've become obsessed with swagbucks. Its just a search engine and its powered by google but every time you search you possibly will earn "swagbucks".

Any why, do you ask, would I become so inammered with something so silly? Well, once you earned/win enough swagbucks you can trade them in for stuff. The really good stuff requires quite a few but what does it hurt? Your gonna search stuff anyways and maybe, just maybe you'll get somthing free out of the deal.

So I'm posting it here because if my friends sign up with this link, I get a swag buck for every swag buck they earn too up to 100 of them. So really, I am just USING you!!! Just kidding, you are worth so much more to me! Like rides places when I don't want to drive.

Just make sure you use one of the links here so that I get credit! Pretty please!
click here or here or even here!


Kristen said...

okay I will sign up... you are so funny!

Kristen said...

I did it right away. Have you earned anything yet? Also..thanks for the puppy treats...even though I didn't taste your puppy treats, Charlee inhaled them! WE are limiting the size he gets in order to prevent up chucking!