Friday, June 5, 2009

When I wake up in the morning....

......Do you think that I am neglecting ThankfulThursday??? Well you are WRONG WRONG WRONG! I got busy. My goat stole the key board. I mean the virtual blog thief stole it. Errrr, no wait! My mom's whooping cough vaccination wore off and we had to go to the hospital. Or....I printed it, folded it into a paper airplane and it got hijacked......

Take your pick, but you are WRONG if you think I just didn't do it!
So today is an abbreviated TT in the name of whooping cough vaccinations.....well, and that I have to share something awesomely terrible with you at the end of the post too!!!
I am thankful for...
.....people who WANT to scrub my feet and paint them pretty for a living because I sure don't!
.....Green Day tickets....yep, that's right! I won them on the radio.
.....Jury Duty on my anniversary.......(not really but maybe if I say it, I won't be so mad!)
.....neighbors who understand that you don't care if they smoke but appreciate not leaving the butts on your lawn when they come to visit.
.....that there is a water park close by!!!!!!

So now to the awesomely terrible part!

What would you call the perfect evening??? Would it include 80 nostalgia? Overacting? Zoobaz???
Well mine does! A couple of weeks ago my sister Molly and I went and saw the single greatest theatrical production ever in existence. It had everything! Romance, drugs, dancing!!! What could be better! What is this delightful show you might ask? Here are some clues:
1. Included some fantastically cheesy hand gestures.

3. Cell phones were the size of dust well I guess they were dust busters.

3. Male bonding included such endearing nick names as 'muscle bond monkey' and 'preppy'.

4. Teachers show there concern for there students through mid life crisis'

5. Characters often burst into song and dance while wearing leotards more often then one would hope.

Whoever thought to make Saved by the Bell a play is my HERO!!!!!!


Kristen said...

Ummmm yeah, ummmmm looks interesting to say the least!Saved by the Bell.... I am glad people scrubbed and painted our toes all pretty, too!

angie said...

I love it Auds! Seriously, Saved By The Bell still makes me laugh. It was one of my all time favorites.

Andie said...

Awesome. That guy even LOOKS like Mr. Belding!

Linz said...

Are you serious? Oh my goodness! I loved Saved by the Bell. These pics make me think of the episode when Jessie overdosed or something and sang "I'm so excited, I'm so excited...I'm so...SCARED!" and then she weeps into Zack's arms. Did they do that? Hilarious.

Nicole said...

I'm another lover of Saved by the Bell. I'm sure it was hilarious as a play. Where did you see it at?

The Stevens said...

Oh, I loved Saved By the Bell too. I bet it was so funny.