Wednesday, June 23, 2010

working that arse off..... the other day, I got a voicemail from Ty saying "call me! Its good news!"

When I finally got a hold of him he told me that a couple of weeks ago he submitted and online application for a local radio station, (keyword: slim), to be one of ten contestants to receive 14 weeks worth of Seattle Sutton meals. Seattle Sutton is a company who provides you with breakfast lunch and dinner that are all nutritionally balanced and fall within a certain calorie level.

Well, he had 2 phone interviews and was told he was chosen as one of the ten contestants! The person who loses the highest percentage of weight at the end of the 14 weeks gets a free trip to Vegas!

Well, sense we wouldn't be spending the grocery money for Ty to eat anymore and we want to make it as easy as possible for Ty to win this thing............we decided that we would buy 14 weeks worth of meals for me too! Okay, to be honest it not only would help Ty.....I really wanted to do it too.

So here we go! The food is shockingly good and it is quite nice not to have to think about what to eat and spending time to make it or wash dishes!!!

Wish us luck!


Nicole said...

That's so cool! Not having to cook will open up a good chunk of time in the evening. Good luck with the contest, keep us updated on the progress.

THE BLAIRS said...

NO fair! that sounds so awesome! wish ty luck for us!

Sarah said...

Good luck!! SO, I was laughing at those church school couches in the photos below. SO funny. Good old BYU-I.

Andersen said...

good luck. keep to it and win, you can do it. Just don't go to the grocery store or any place they sell food. Stick to it and you will win. Excited to hear about the progress.

Linz said...

Ooooo...I hope you win!

Bren + Lucy said...

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