Monday, April 14, 2008

Girl's Camp!

So I was called as the girl's camp director for our ward a little while ago. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about going back to camp!!!! This is going to be awesome. I love the girls in my ward AND I'm gonna get a tan. What more could you ask for?

Its a good thing I got this job though. I have 4 and a half weeks of vacation which is the only reason I can do the camp thing. I used a week going out west in February, I'm using a week to go to Memphis next month (Hi Linna!!!!), a week to go to camp, and not to mention our trip to the boundry waters in June! I have to save a little!!!!!!

So much to do!!!!


The Blairs said...

Yippy for Memphis! ButGirls camp will be awesome.. I was suppose to go last summer and 4days before camp I came down with bronchitis and couldnt go. i as so bummed out. You'll have a blast though! I miss the girls camp days! I love Audrey!

Sarah said...

have fun!

The Stevens said...

Wow, that will be fun.

Ryan & Andie said...

You will be awesome at girls camp. The girls really look up to you and I've heard at least three of them say how fun camp is going to be this year since Audrey is going! You are a natural.