Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is it really over??????

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So it is fianally here! When Ty and I got married there was still 4 years on the army contract so we never let the idea of being out of the army consume us too much. It is hard to base all of your major desicions on what the army is going to ask of you. When we were engaged, I spent so much time worrying if he was going to get deployed and what would I do. So many good things have come from the army too. We have learned to be independant, and gained some really good friends.

When ever people hear that Ty was deployed for 14 months, I always get the same questions. "How did you do it? I couldn't have done that." Well, what were we suppose to do. I had two options, sulk and be a burden on everyone around me because I was complaining all the time, or have a good attitude and be okay with it. I wasn't always perfect at it, but I choose the latter. Those 14 months were actually some of the greatest learning moments of my life. It was the only time in my life that I was living alone but not worried about who I was dating or what my roomates thought. I got to work on just me. Its something that most people will never get to have. We learned to be stronger people who could depend on each other but also are comfortable not spending every moment together. That is something that I have noticed that a lot of people can't do.

For all of the people who supported us through the deployment, thank you! I have such great friendships and we know that people care about us. I couldn't thank my friends enough for the wonderful times! Thank you!!!!!!

We are thankful to be done. We are excited to move on with our lives and ready to be able to make descions based on nothing else then what we think we can do. No more army telling us NO!!!!!!


The Millers... said...

How exciting! I'm excited for you guys!

The Blairs said...

I cant believe its already been that long! Thats so awesome! what a relief! I am so proud of the attitude you had while Ty was gone. I think you gained a lot more because of it. WE LOVE YOU GUYS

Sarah said...

awesome. And way to go, girl! You def. have the right attitude.

Andie said...

Be careful, you still have 20 hours to go according to your counter! ;-) We are happy for you guys. We felt the same way about the Air Force. It was such a great experience but it was nice to make life decisions based on what Heavenly Father and we wanted us to do without the Air Force hovering over us. Thanks, Ty, for your service to us all!

BrittenyGrow said...

I am so jealous. I can't wait until I can say the same thing. Only 14 more months to go till Mark comes back and then a couple more till we are out, yeah!!!