Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heres to you State Fair goers!!!

So I bet you can guess what we did this week! We took the day off tuesday and headed down to the fair. We are always so completely disgusted by humanity every time we go on saturday so we decided to give mid week a try and hope for the best. Luckily it paid off. Although, based on this picture I would say we are the humans people are disgusted of now:)

We saw sheep...Ty wasn't very thrilled with my "ewe" should go stand by the sheep jokes.
And some cows....

And this picture is JUST for Ryan!!!

But really this is what this entire post is about. So I decided that we should go into the DFL booth because I wanted to read some lit and really make some decisions based on facts and reading about both sides is the way to go. We first of all I must say that the following wall is one of the most disrespectful things. Be strong enough to stand on your own issues and not bash someone else. So way to go DFL booth! You've sunk pretty low! I would say the same thing if there was anything like this in the Republican booth or the independent but after visiting them both, I can assure you there is not.
My favorite however was the following. It reads: "BREAST CANCER: We are thrown away like garbage. How can america treat their averave citizen like this!! First my life and now take my house? Shame on you Norm! Glad your RICH!" This one got me pretty mad. I'm not particularily sure how Norm Coleman being in office gave her breast cancer but apartently she is convinced it did. I wrote the following response "Coleman didn't TAKE your house and Franken sure as hell won't give it back!" I can't stand people who are just looking for a scape goat!!! If anyone is going to the fair this weekend, you'll have to let me know if its still there or if someone ripped it down.

The other thing that drove Ty and I crazy about this wall was that there wasn't a single valid reason!! Ty isn't all that thrilled with Coleman himself but at least write something besides "because he sides with Bush" as your reason. Ty though he was being pretty clever by writing "because he supports cap and trade". I'm okay with any of these people don't like Coleman if they have a valid reason!!!!!


Ryan Anderson said...

Hah! Nice pic with the Democrat booth. I'm glad you are researching the issues. Anyway, I'm trying to extricate myself from politics, so I'm going to sign off and watch Gray's Anatomy now.

Kristen said...

Ummmm I go to the fair for the food, but maybe I should be more involved and informed. Ahhh, I will just read your blog and make an informed decision! Ok.. keep me updated!

Sarah said...

Did I tell you that I love your pics. You are so talented.