Monday, August 18, 2008

Rewind.....Rant Revisited!

A while back I was just a little angry (understatement) that a certain state representative candidate had sent us a PACKET pleading his case for office that contained 99% of why the other guy sucked (I'm not exaggerating) and a side note about what he stands for. To say it kindly, it though this was the biggest cop out ever! So I fumed for a while but let it go.

Last week I was driving home along County Rd 5 and saw a big campaign sign against my back fence for said candidate. I got in and asked Ty if he had given permission for the propaganda. When he told me no, I think you could have seen steam coming out of my ears. I was so mad that this guy would have the guts to just have a sign put wherever he feels. I went out back, ripped it out of the ground (I got a couple of looks) and threw it at the end of my driveway.

I looked the guy up and found a phone number which happened to be his home! I didn't realize it until his 10 year old son answered. I asked for the ballsy candidate and when he got on the phone I proceeded to tell him I didn't not appreciate his nerve. Also I thought it was a pretty sad tactic to send out negative info about the other and not bother to tell us about him.

He said someone would come pick up his sign and he was sorry. He told me that he had never been a politician and took the advice of the some people in to party by sending out the info about he other guy. He than asked me if I thought it was important to know those things and wouldn't I rather have someone else. I said, "Honestly, I think its just one big crutch! You should be good enough to tell us about you and believe in yourself enough to think that people will vote for you based on that, not how much they don't like the other guy."

He listened to me and asked that I go to his website and just check him out. He wanted an email to know what I thought, good or bad. Well, I checked it out, and I actually like the guy!!! I'm still a little repulsed at his way of going about this, but his ideas intrigue me.

Now I'm faced with a decision in a dirty campaign! Grrrrrr!


Andie said...

Audrey, is this that Huzenga guy running against Abeler? I'm sure it must be...Ryan and I have said some of the same things. Particularly disturbing are the signs put out by Huzenga with a picture of Abeler with horns on his head.

I don't care who you are, that is in poor taste considering Abeler is a PERSON (a misguided, money-grubbing, liberal-in-republican's-clothing person, at that, but a person nonetheless).

i've thought about calling his office myself. Will you send me the link to his website?

Ty & Audrey said...

I actually think the Abeler posters are kinda intresting. Have you read them? I know I should feel a little more compassion for the guy but I cant muster it. He is a smoozer who acts like a child. He has called out house a couple of times because Ty is a delegate and ended up talking to me because Ty wasn't home. They guy is kind of a low life. He actually has stuff out there claiming Huizenga's wife had an abortion.

Not to mention the fair incident! He claims some innocence, but even what he says makes him out to be a major baby in the wrong.

So at this point, they both suck!

Kristen said...

I am impressed Audrey by your passion. I think it is great that you find yourself deep into the democratic process. I really enjoyed reading this post! Great Post!

Sarah said...

It was good of you to call him. You are gutsy. I bet he is just getting bad advice, and you were able to help him see that. :)

molly and geoff archibald said... about dirty politics. sounds like he was just backpeddling to save face. the closer we get to the elections the more grossed out i am by all these people. is it even possible to have a clean race anymore?