Thursday, August 14, 2008

ThankfulThursday RETURNS......

.. Thankful thrusday has been on vacation but it has return and is ready for action.
1. Toe nail polish, without you how would we hide our ugly feet?
2. My Canon powershoot S5IS
3. Pre-shredded cheese
4. A car that gets 37 miles to the gallon
5. PJ pants
6. multiple pillows at night
7. Saved by the Bell
8. Prayer
9. The US flag and all it stands for
10. The humane society

Can you believe Craigslist didn't make the cut this week? Check back next week, I'm considering a purchase.


The Millers said...

Lol to craigslist! I love Thankful Thursday!

P.S. What kind of car do you have that gets 37mpg?!?!?

P.S.S. You're funny...giggle when you roll over. Lol :o)

The Seaman Family said...

I love reading your thankful makes me reflect on all I am thankful for. So thanks Audrey!:)

Andie said...

Saved By the Bell? Truly? It makes the Top 10? You crack me up. ;-)

Ty & Audrey said...

My little manual '97 honda civic gets 37 mpg! This week it actually got 41 mpg!

And yes! Saved by the Bell makes my top 10 this week. Its the only thing that keeps me from falling back asleep in the morning. Its on TBS every morning when I wake up.

shantel said...

Thats a pretty good list I'm thankful for alot of the same things!

Kristen said...

Lindsey already beat me to the question. What car get 37 miles per gallon? I may be considering a purchase from Craigslist! I absolutely love your Thankful Thursdays!

Kristen said...

oops... didn't see your response. My computer is too slow!

Jentri said...

I know that everyone already said this but I love Thankful Thursday too.