Friday, November 7, 2008

Okay! Okay! Okay!!!!!!

I guess I have a reputation! 3 people asked me what happened to thankful thursday! The truth is, I worked overtime last night and got home at 8, then made dinner, finished the book I was reading, and just went to bed.

So with my sincere goes!

1. So this week we start with a weird one...Toilet paper! I love whoever invented the stuff. Think about it, it use a million uses! blow your nose, wipe your make up off, absorb a spill, decorate the trees in someones lawn, or even provided fun for a lonely dog!

2. Hair dryers.....I'm sure Ty doesn't remember that I use it on my feet in bed when I'm cold when he bought me my new one. He hates that!

3. Forgotten'll know what I mean if you ever wake up, check the bank account and realize there are several hundred dollars you completely forgot about!

4. A democratic process.....I know, I know! It may not have turned out exactly the way I would have wanted but I believe in this process as well as the good intention of the elected officals. That doesn't mean I think we should agree with everything they do, but I honestly am thankful that they will follow what they believe to be correct. Now we just pray that they will have the smarts to listen.

5. My suprise when I got home last night...Ty ended up not working yesterday because of the weather. I thought he was home relaxing and enjoying his day off, but was I suprised when I got home! He had gone out with the missionaries to I came home to an empty, extremely clean house. I mean CLEAN! The scent of candles burning and everything!

6. Hair Binders

7. Current Gas prices!!! $1.96 baby! Better be thankful for it while its here!

8. I'm thankful for my "not enough sense to be ashamed" -ness! Sense you all know me, I'm sure you know what I mean.

9. Smith clan...can you believe a few are coming HERE for christmas???

10. Drumroll please............a husband who doesn't get mad at me because I rub my feet together while I'm falling asleep and have worn a hole in our sheets!!!! Its bad! I even ruined my parents couch this way when I was growing up!


Kristen said...

That is sooooo funny about rubbing your feet!LOL.. the things we learn about each other through blogging. It makes me happy that we can share random things that make each of us unique. Thank you for making my week complete. I wish I would find a couple 100 dollars I forgot about. That would be really nice.

Andie said...

Dang, I sincerely hope Ryan doesn't read your blog today because then he might buy me a new blow dryer too. He hates when I come to bed with cold feet 'cause then I just stick 'em on him.

Diane and Jim said...

Don't forget another use for toilet paper - decorating the house for Christmas! (Audrey did this when she was three.)