Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thankful Thankful Thursday!

Have you noticed that my blog is devoid of all pictures??? It makes me sad:( Soon enough, they will return! Or I could just start pulling random pics out of my collection and you would just have no idea what they pertain too?

Lets get down to business! ThankfulThursday!

1. Pinnapple

2. Email delete buttons

3. Fan-freakin'-tasic friends!!!!

4. Holiday Bonus'! YES!

5. Having a husband who forced upon me the wonderful laundry! We got EVERYTHING done which is gigantic for us!

6. Kethup!!

7. My sonicare toothbrush, it makes me feel all special

8. Nail clippers. I HATE cutting my nails but I also HATE having them grow up. So as a result, I can't ever find a nail clipper and my nails are too long. But when I finally just do it, it is heavenly!

9. The gas station on University that is selling gas for $1.83

10. A weekend to sleep in!!!!!!!! Ty is letting me sleep in this weekend and he is gonig to do the paper route by himself. Isn't he great?


Nicole said...

Enjoy sleeping in this weekend! I love sleeping in.

Diane and Jim said...

7. My sonicare toothbrush, it makes me feel all special

Hey, that sounds like something I would say! Let's hope you don't have any more of my oddities.

Mimi said...

I wanted to know if you are the theater RIGHT NOW? ;)

The Blairs said...

I am thankful for friends who email coupons for free stuff!!!

Kristen said...

Anddddddd your Birfffffday! Yeahhhhhhh...

The Grows said...

Man that husband of yours must come from a great family to be doing such nice things.

Sarah said...

I hate my freshly cut fingernails. And it my least favorite mommy job- Skyler does it, thank goodness. I am so glad that Ty is so good to you. You deserve it.