Friday, November 21, 2008


...(thinks to herself, maybe they won't notice its friday and not thursday)

I don't know what happened but I feel like I have to schedule time to blog now!!!! When did I get so busy??? There is always time for ThankfulThurs....I mean Friday!

1. Swimming pools...I am insanely thankful for these right now.
2. My Nikon...still in love with her!
3. Community Ed..
4. A feeling a self worth...I'll blog more about this one later
5. Someone besides me to do the budget in my house
6. Clean garmets! The best feeling in the world!
7. An ability and a desire to read
8. buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies!
9. A brilliant husband..who has awesome ideas! - I'll post more about his later today!
10. Those little rubber things you put on your finger so you can turn the page! They are a source of endless amusment for me at work!


Clint said...

When are you going to take the naked pic of Ty down???? Yuk.... :)

Ty & Audrey said...

Tell you what Clint, I'll take it down when you get rid of that TIE!

Clint said...

Never!!!! That tie is more important than any friend or member of my family!!!!
(Except Serena, Jackie, Bri, Mitch, Tayler, Tyler, Audrey, Benji, Kristen, etc...etc...)

Kristen said...

Ahhh I feel so important now that I know that I am more important than some tie? You two are soooo funny. Clint take a picture of the tie and blog it for us!

Linna said...

buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies! audrey come one! YUCK! =)