Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guess What!!!!! I did not just return from feeding pink mice to hungry lions in the south of France.
....nope, didn't just coat my kitchen floor in flour and giggle when the cops show up looking for cocaine either!!!

It's ThankfulThursday!!!!!!

I'm thanful for...
...a volume knob on my radio...what!!!! I'm sorry I couldn't hear my broken muffler!
...Ramsey Animal Hospital...they rock!
...purple pens....I like to change it up.
...Tax returns and newly created super hero named 'tax man' who came to the rescue!
...'the rattler'....this is when scout sees you but doesn't want you to make her move so she follows you with her ears pretending not to see you. Then when you talk to her or get close the end of her tail starts to wag and its like she doesn't even realize it.....makes me laugh every time!
...toilet brushes....think about it...what if you had to clean your toilet without them!
...the abolishment of wire hangers in our house
...the ace solid waste man who came to my door with a really low price....when I called my company to cancel and go with ace, they gave me a ridiculous price to stay!


Kristen said...

We love Ramsey Animal Hospital too...Oh wait, is that our vet? Is it across from Papa Murphys?

Nicole said...

Amen to loving toilet bowl cleaners--mine probably wouldn't be cleaned if they didn't exist.

Sarah said...

I have been working on abolishing wire hangers in my house too, and it hasn't yet happened.

Kurt and Jes said...

I love tax man too! By the way he's still wants a cape! Love ya! I'm glad he could help.

Diane and Jim said...

Toilets. What if you didn't have a toilet to clean?