Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Baby wabby Blue-y woo-y....

...sugar snuggy dumpling pup... (please note that I do not ever speak like this!)

Normal Sunday Morning in the Smith house:

Wonderful Slumber interupted but the inssesant howling of one fur monster named Blue.

Last Sunday Morning in the Smith house:

The fur monster in our room constantly shaking his head, there by shaking the tags on his collar, until we got up and let him out.

We thought that he had just found a new annoying way of waking us but we were WRONG! Later that morning I noticed that he wouldn't move one of his ears back and forth like he normal does. So I took a look and to my horror it was beat red and dirty (dirty being the word I will use to spare you from the grossness). We thought we would clean it out for a day our two and hopefully that would take care of it. He HATES it and I think it hurt him but we had to do it. So yesterday morning I got up and grabbed the cleaning solution and the little bugger ran to the family room and slyly place the affected ear on the floor so I couldn't get to it. Well, it was all gross again so I figured I needed to take him to the vet.

She said it was one of the worst ear infection she had seen and was suprised it wasn't crying more. I felt so bad that I didn't know. Well it took 3 people to hold him down so that she could shave some fur out of there and clean it WAY better then I could. He was crying so much and trying to get away. I wanted to bawl!

I don't even have kids and I couldn't stand to see my dog hurting so I can't imagine what its like with a kid! I guess thats why he is my fur baby.

Now I have to put some goo in his ear twice a day while Ty hold him. He isn't stuggling nearly as much so I think he is feeling bit better already. I'm sure he is glad that the doc gave him some pain pills though!


Kristen said...

Poor little Blue! We use to have a poodle named Elway and he always got ear infections. Charlee...not yet??? KNock on Wood. Hopefully his little ear will heal quickly!

Brad, Brittany and Amelia said...

Poor little guy! It's good you caught it when you did though! I hope Blue feels better soon!

The Grows said...

Poor little furry baby. I hope he feels better soon.

The Miller Family said...

Sad, sad, sad! I'm glad he's on his way to feeling better!

Sarah said...

So awful! Adia just went through the SAME thing, and she is still on meds. Isn't it so sad?