Friday, March 27, 2009

Why did the chicken cross the road....

.....because the elephant was in the refrigerator!!!!!!

See....I was just as funny with I was 4 years old. This was the first joke I ever told and it is still a classic!

Now that I have your attention....lets move onto thankful thursday! (I'm not late, just really really early for next week. You don't believe me?? Well, then I guess we arn't really friends than! Or maybe....your right, I am late.)

Today, I'm thankful for... journal from when I was a else would I know about my very first joke or even about the stories that I told about the unicorn that was pushed in front of a car and broke her legs because she was mean to one of the other unicorns??? that I am getting my house under control, I have learned to love the dishwasher so much that I am leaving a sizable about of money to it in my will.

..ceiling fan in our bedroom....this is kind of like the whole turn the heat on in the car and open the windows in the winter mentality...I never claimed it made sense, I just love it.

..electronic I mean cell phones....I hate them but I love them!

..double coupone days...I officially have enough mouth wash to swim in! sewing machine!!! (and Serena to help me)..look what I made on monday!

..pergo floors...have you ever tried to damage these things??? Its impossible! Not that I was trying, know, it happens.


Today's finally thankful is coming from Scout. She asked that I tell you that she is thankful that Ty and I have to get out of bed in the morning so that she can enjoy our warm spots everyday!!!


Nicole said...

Great list this week and very cute bag.

Kristen said...

Always love Thankful posts no matter what day they come on! I am thankful for friends who help me get good deals on double coupons! Thanks!

Diane and Jim said...

That is such a tender picture of Scout! I really like it.

Sarah said...

I would die without a dishwasher and wish I had a sewing machine-cute bag. I, too, dig double coupon days and wish there were more. I have found so many deals that way. And I really, really, honestly WOULD die without chapstick.

Anita said...

I was a neighbor of your grandparents on Bunkum Road. Your mom was a childhood friend.