Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 posts in one day??? Thats unheard of!!!!


1. Excederine.....What would I do with out you????
2. love affair continues
3. The delete button on voicemail....if I get one more political call, I'm gonna scream!
4. friends who know when to shut up. (I'm mean that in a very nice way, I swear.)
5. Overtime..I need to remember to thankful for this now because around february, I'm not so nice about it.
6. Razors..that being said you don't wanna see my legs!
7. EBAY!!!!! my camera SOLD!! Can you believe it? Its gone:(
9. frozen cheese filled pasta...oh how you make my life so easy
10. And the top thing I am thankful for this week is................cereal in a bag!!


Kristen said...

Have you got your new camera yet? How exciting! I am excited to see more pictures. You have a talent that you can share with others. I love looking at your pictures! I actually think I hate shaving until I actually do it and then feel my smooth legs!;-)