Friday, October 3, 2008

Lets back up....

so due to a break in the space/time continuum, I somehow missed Thursday all together! Don't fret thought, Thankful Thursday will now resume with its regular programing...

1. Friends who can read me like a book (even when I think I'm being sneaky)
2. Expectations, I don't know that I would get ANYTHING done without them
3. PTO 'nuff said
4. cottage cheese, mmmmmmmmm.....
5. The shower!!!!
6. toenail polish to cover ugly toes.....not saying I've used it this week, just glad its there
7. private time, oh how I value you lately
8. weightwatchers online that just lets me hit reset and start over when I realize I'm being a dummy!
9. GLASSES - my big fat swollen eye thanks you this fine morning
10. CAPTION EO!!!! thanks for the reminder Molly! Michael Jackson dancing in space? Who wouldn't be thankful?


Andie said...

Audrey, I am laughing at your #3. I read it and thought, PTO, hmmmm, as in Parent Teacher Organization?? I HATE PTO (always trying to suck me into their fundraising junk), and Audrey doesn't have kids, so I wonder why that makes the Top 10. Then I realized PTO also stands for Paid Time Off!

I'm a little slow on the uptake this morning, I guess! Have a great day!

Kristen said...

I love the toe nail polish, in the winter mine can sometimes stay on so long at least until it grows out...ha ha. Oh well. My sister in law was in a wedding and she had her toes done, the couple got divorced with in a month or two and my brother says, "Her toe nail polish lasted longer than the marriage." Interesting huh?

The Blairs said...

nick wants to know if you are waring you contacts too much or sleeping in them. naughty naughty!

Sarah said...

So I'm late. I loved your Best Things post. Makes me laugh. Oh wait, you always do that!

Ty & Audrey said...

Tell Nick I most certainly did NOT sleep with my contacts in!!!! I NEVER do that!

I actually am flirting with the idea that I might have pink eye.

molly and geoff archibald said...

top 3 lines from captain eo:

#3: My loyal companions and I accept these punishments.

#2: Turn the others into...trashcans!

#1: Silence, infidels! You infect my world with your presence!

Thank you MJ. You may be a demented pedophile now, but in 1986 you were just what the doctor ordered. Captain Eo Forever!