Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its Thursday!!!!

I seem to be not having the best time lately. I just feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to relax or sleep let alone have friends. I guess I’m a little jelous of all of you who have time to socialize with each other and get to spend time visiting or just dropping by. So, when I’m feeling sorry for myself, Ty tells me to "Buck up"! so that is what I am going to do! ThankfulThursday is the best thing for me…..

1. my new calling! I am the Laural advisor (well, really I guess I am just "the advisor" sense they aren’t calling anyone for the other classes. I’m really excited, cause these girls are awesome.

2. My new glasses. Vision World was having a sale on ALL of their frames in the store so I got some Calvin Klein frames for the same price as the super cheap ones. And they are cute!!

3. My kitchen. I have always liked cooking but it has consumed me the past couple of weeks. It is the thing that helps me unwind.

4. The kids that found my dogs. I love my dogs more than I probably should, what can I say? I’m a sap!

5.Craigslist! We sold Miller’s Bowflex this week! Yay!

6.My reach flosser, oh how I love you!

7. The library, I’ve said it before and Ill say it again!

8. Olive Oil and herb popcorn. Have you tried this stuff??? Its amazing!

9. My pillow!

10. Honeycrisp apples!!!!!!


The Seaman Family said...

Sorry Audrey that things have been a little down! Hopefully you will have a wonderful weekend and you can relax! Once again I love reading your Thursday posts!

Kristen said...

Thank you again Audrey for sharing these sweet insightful thoughts. I totally get how much you love your pups! Last night I swear Charlee was the best snuggler when everyone else was busy! I am sorry you had a rough week, I hope you get to relax this weekend!

The Blairs said...

Congrats on the calling! i love YW! I wish i was in YW I am jealous!

Andie said...

I love young women and honeycrisps, too! However, today I do not love the library so much.