Monday, April 6, 2009

Would you like to take a stroll...

..through my crazy maze called a mind?? No?? Really? Are you sure? What do you mean you are scared? There's nothing to be scared of. Its a wonderful place where your worries are left out in the cold and you get to focus on the complexities of hummus and yarn. You'll love it I promise!

Things bouncing around in my brain:

...I think I may go coo coo on the next person to udder the word "irregarless"
...On that same note...Just so you know, an annual meeting only happens once a year not every three months. Thanks for that one, chick at work.
...I see any good reason why I can't keep a girrafe as a pet
...Trader Joe's is my sanctuary
...after spending the day at the zoo on saturday, I now have a special bond with a giant sloth (sloth love chunk!... Ruth! Ruth! Baby! Ruth! Name that movie!)
...After General Confrence with the Bennions, Michael has shown me that my house is soooo not baby proof. the night ended when we heard a crash and found out that Mikey had rolled a light bulb off a shelf and it shattered. Good think no babies live there huh?
...If you don't watch..boys will clean your basement with out being asked!
...I need a new head for my toothbrush. How can one replacement cost $15???
...The handle on my sliding glass door has been missing and in need of replacement for 3+ years..not saying it will happen any time soon, just letting you know the status
...The organization 'people serving people' has an annual BBQ to raise money. Does anyone else find it stand that people serving people wants to feed you meet? What? Is there slogan 'eat flesh'??



Sarah said...

LOL. Shoot. The crazy thing is that I also do not have a baby proof house. Yikes... any day now I am going to have to fix that. And it's Goonies!!! Do I win the prize?

THE BLAIRS said...

The Zoo is looking for you. They called me. I told them I didnt know where you were! =)

Kristen said...

Intersting Ms. head is spinning..I can't keep it all straight! LOL..;-) I will say that ummmmm...the problem with my head right now is that it's empty! Too tired to put thoughts together. I like the sloth too! That's about all for now!