Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dance, magic Dance!!!!!!

Name that movie!!!!

When I was little, I used to write my name for six or seven horizontal lines in the ‘E’ versus the three necessary. Every other letter was perfect, well as perfect as a 4 year old can make it. You got the gist, but there was always something off.

I still have multi lined ‘E’ syndrome. I know how to make things “right” but I’m not interested in “right”. I’m more interested in making sure that people see the real me, but also see that something just isn’t quite the same.

I’m just grateful that I learned that about myself at age 4, it taught be to appreciate life’s seemingly insignificant blessings.


… bill pay……saves our butts!
…..the toaster........makes the best toasted bagel sandwiches….EVER!
…..laundry baskets……..I cringe thinking about have to carry all Ty’s dirty work clothes in my arms
… nalgene bottom…….we are a thing
…..sweet potatoes…..I don’t understand why I always avoided them!
… calling……..I seriously think if I ever have to leave yw, I’m going to hide in the bathroom the 3rd hour.
…..I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….UNDER EYE CONCELER
…..fortunes inside of fortune cookies……today it said “Accept something that you cannot change, and you will feel better” How are those fortune people so smart???
…..the ‘cracker’….aka the chiropractor
…..who ever thought that it would be a good idea to put something that plopped out of a chicken into boiling water and then eat it! I heart hard boiled eggs!


Kristen said...

Movie, You remind me of the babe, the babe with the power. Labrinyth (spelling?) That is one of our fav movies! Love it how David looks like he is smuggling potatoes?

Linz said...

Dang you make me happy!