Wednesday, April 22, 2009


...Why do all of prince's song seem to have a color followed by an object??? Purple rain! Raspberry Barret! Little Red Corvette! What is up with that?

...Why is there in influx of people who insist on using "seen" when they should be using "saw"? Example: "I seen Amy last week" or "I seen you already done it". Done vs. Did is another travesty!

...Why do people think its okay to cancel something exactly 11 minutes before said activity starts?? Not going to give an example but I was thoroughly irritated.

...Why do people ask you if you know about something and than proceed to tell you about it anyways??? I say if your gonna do that, don't even ask!

...Why hasn't Ron been kicked of the Biggest Loser yet?

...Why do companies trying to sell you something over the phone employ people who have such a heavy accent that you can't understand them???? Give them a different job, not one where they will spend their entire day repeating themselves.

...Why do I have a giant cold sore on my lip?

Please feel free to answer any of my questions. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Nicole said...

I SOOOOO agree with you about Ron from the Biggest Loser! I thought he should have went home a long time ago--that back-stabbing punk. (can you tell I have some strong feelings about this show???)

shantel said...

For some reasons Biggest Loser didn't tape last night. :( Who went home????

Ty & Audrey said...

Kristin!!! Crazy huh? watch it on hulu next week.

The Grows said...

Sorry but I cannot answer any of those questions. I guess I want to know why too.

The Miller Family said...

I don't have any answers for ya, but the "seen" vs. "saw" was something that bothered Joe-Z and I SO MUCH when we lived!