Friday, April 17, 2009

The day this photo was taken...

...I spent 3 hours curling my hair....Why??????? I have curly hair anyways!
...Ty stepped in the walk the mother of the bride down the aisle in the Cathedral of St Paul because one of the ushers thought it was a good idea not to show up.
...approximately 1/2 of the day was spent pulling my bridesmaid dress up to show "less" cleavage
...I learned that the term "open bar" means BIG trouble
...I tracked down the groom and 3 of his groomsmen coming back from a bar before the ceremony. The cathedral has strict rules about this, if you have had anything to drink they will call off the wedding. We never told the bride.
...the mother of the bride, who does not believe in God, very loudly expressed her unhappiness about the minister stating the a marriage can never be perfect if it is not centered around God by yelling the F word. Bride and groom didn't hear it luckily.
...I got to spend a whole night dancing with my Ty like it was the prom.....perfect.


Nicole said...

That sounds like an eventful day. Oh, weddings are so fun. Things always go wrong, but luckily the bride never seems to find out.

Linz said...

You look beautiful. Love the last item on your list.