Friday, May 16, 2008

I know that idle hands are the devils tool, but COME ON!!!!

I will have time to sleep, think, and breath soon! Things are insane this week between my silent auction (tonight yay!) trying to get some bags done, trying to do laundry, trying to pack, and work a full time job. (I am sensing a patten, I try to much.) It will all be over on tuesday though. So memphis better be prepared for me because I'm coming weather they like it or not!!!

I'm going on a little vacation to see Linna for a week and I am beyond excited!!!! So just for old time sake, here is a picture that I found of me and Linna on a little road trip we took to salt lake to go see a concert, and we took a little detour in our plans. We ended up with us leaving some guys house in Murray(what were we thinking) getting in a major fight (major for us anyways) driving home in the middle of the night and realizing 3 hours later that we hadn't even gotten out of SALT LAKE!!! We made it only to some weird truck/bus depot under an interpass! Fight was offically over, we could help but laugh!!!


The Blairs said...

Man, we use to be wild women! I totally remember that night. I dont think i will ever forget it. But its time to make some new Memphis memories! ps I checked the weather for next week low 74 high 88 all weeks! YIPPY!