Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What are you gripping about??? (in the words of my father)

So, I think that I am a fairly optomistic person but there are a few thing that have been errking me (well Ty too) lately.

Let me explain this one before you think that I am a terrible person. Ty and I both pick two charities a year that we give too. Niether one can object to the others (maybe the amount we give but not the actually charity). So here is my problem. We give money and all of the sudden, every charity under the sun is calling! Some of these places sell their lists of donors to other people. That is so wrong!!! Someone called from the police department called asking for donations. I told them that we had donated all that we were able to this year (totally true, we kinda poor). She proceeded to tell me that sense we had donated to the fire fighters that if we were responsible citizens, we would donated to them. I kept telling her that we gave what we could and she would not stop!!!!!!!! It pissed me off so bad!!! It pretty much ensured that we would not be donating to them next year. We are seriously about to the point that we don't want to give at all because they are just going to sell our name!!! We probably get 2 calls a week from differant places now. It is so irritating!

Ty is a delagate for our district which means that we get lots of literature from canidates, phone calls, etc..... So the represenative in our area is up for re-election. He meets with a bit of resistance because, although he is republican, he doesn't always do the most conservative thing. So he was going unopposed but someone, who claims to be conservative, has stepped up to run against him. This guy is sending us 40-80 page reports of what the current guy has done wrong! He seriously sends information with 95% of what this guy has done wrong and only 5% of what he would do! Ty put it best, he said that he is not going to vote from guy 2 simply to vote against guy 1. It makes no sense. Prove to me that you are worth it and maybe, but don't just bad mouth the other guy. I don't want to vote for either on at this point!

Rant over!


Andie said...

Amen to the rant about politicians. They are just like my kids. I tell the kids I will be glad to help them with what they need when they 1) ask nicely and 2) come up with a solution rather than whine.

Grossarths said...

Oh man, if you are going to complain, these are two perfectly good reasons to do it! I totally agree!