Monday, May 26, 2008

Please understand when I tell you...

..that I have found a new man. Sometimes you just can't help but fall in love at first sight. Ty seems to be happy for me, but I must say that Blue and Scout and not the biggest fans of my new love. I have promised them that it will be a long time until I move a man of this magnitude
into our home but they are still a bit nervous. To be perfectly honest, the only reason that Thor did not come back with me from Memphis was because he couldn't fit in my suit case. So it is fare well to Thor.

We are going to have one of these guys as our next dog (don't worry, we are two dog kind of people, not three) so I got really excited when one of Linna's friends had a couple. I seriously didn't want to leave!

Memphis: Take 2
So we went to the Redbirds game on on friday night and had a lot of fun. When we were picking up our tickets from will call, there were some guys from New York that found out I was from Minnesota and decided to make fun of it a bit. Well, one of them started talking about Fargo and I told him "I'm pretty sure Fargo is in North Dakota, but good try!". He probably asked me 10 times if I was sure and he thought it was in MN. We got a giggle out of that one. Here are some pictures from that game!

What is the point of going to a baseball game if you don't get to see a butt or two, right???
And can anyone tell me what exactly a "redbird" is? It looks like a cardinal to me!!!

I couldn't stop laughing when people started to get the "wave" going. It would make it about 2 sections and then just die. I think we saw them try to start it about 5 times and it never made it. So Linna and I tried to start it. Check it out.

Last thing, I promise!!!!!! I decided to try and make a fancy cake when I was there. I think I was a little over confident. Not good, but not bad. I guess I will just have to keep working on it!!!


The Seaman Family said...

That is one big dog! I think you would have to get a twin bed in your room for him! LOL But it looks like your trip was a ton of fun!

tae said...

Hey, I'm "tellin99" from WW 100+ board. Just found your blog, and am loving it!

Sarah said...

you crack me UP! I am glad you had a fun time in MEMPHIS.

Sarah said...

you crack me UP! I am glad you had a fun time in MEMPHIS.