Friday, May 23, 2008

the s.s. blog-smith navigates its way to memphis....

...I got to Memphis on Tuesday afternoon after a long flight. The flight wasn't all that bad, but I had a 3 and half hour lay over in St Louis. So instead of a 2 hour trip, it became a 6 hour trip. On my flight from St Louis to Memphis a met a grandma who had this little dog on her lap and, of coarse being me, I had to pet the dog. So we started to talk. She was heading to Memphis for the summer so skeezer was coming with her but she had an infection in her heal so she needed help. I helped her down to the plan and carried Skeezer for her. When we got off the plane, I grabbed the dog and we went and got Helen a wheelchair. She was the nicest women. I really enjoyed talking to her. Her husband had been in the navy his whole life, he died last year and she was never able to have children so Skeezer was her baby. When I got her to her friends she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I guess I just needed a little grandma fix sense I don't have any left anymore:)

Well, its official! I found ELVIS!!!!! He is living under the interstate and decided to make a specail appearance just me for me! I guess I have a thing for Army boys:) Linna and I went down to Memphis to go do the tourist-y stuff like find elvis statues and check out the river.

We went over to mudd island where there is a riverboat museum and a to scale replica of the Mississippi that you can climb around it. (okay, its really for kids to climb around in, but I did it anyways) At least I had Linna's daughter Tess with me so I didn't look like a total freak. They have a full size front of a riverboat that you can climb around. Talk about random, they even had one of Elvis' suits. Not sure why.

We had a bit too much fun when we found the cannons, you can see for yourself.

Now, realize that we are just a little goofy. we found a bar on the ship and decide to try it out.

I'm having a really good time though. We are heading to a minor league baseball game tonight so I'm sure I will have more escapades to report on!!!

P.S. if you ever get the chance to have BBQ nachos, do it!
P.S.S. If you didn't already notice, I went blonde again!


The Seaman Family said...

Looks like a great time! I love your hair too! Have fun we will miss ya today!

Andie said...

Glad you are having fun. Tell your friend Linna that she does not even look pregnant in that close-up picture. All women should be so lucky!

molly and geoff archibald said...

i'm glad you had fun in memphis! and i like the hair too!

Andersen said...

Wow that looked like so much fun. I wish we could go on trips and have fun. I do get to go to Kansas with Reve to watch my sisters kids in 3 weeks. I am a little nervous to take a 17 month old on a plane. He doesn't really like to sit in one place for more then 2 minutes. I hope it goes well. We went to Utah this past weekend and every time we pass Tys house we think of you guys.
we miss you too.