Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hot Dog!!!!!!

We took the puppers down to lake calhoun on saturday where homeward bound (no kill shelter) was have a doggie wash fundraiser. Blue and Scout told me that they were REALLY dirty and needed to go. (I didn't have ANY idea how dirty they were until I say them after the bath.) Blue did NOT want to go! We got him near the entrance and he would pull back as hard as he could. I'm not sure he knew that he wasn't going to like it but he did! Ty tried running him down the block and then straight in but he just laid down when we got to the entrance! He may be smarter than we give him credit for.

He was okay once he got it. He howled a bit but I think he realized that he wasn't getting away.

Scout wasn't as opposed!

We went to go walk around lake calhoun and thought we would try and take Scout in the water. She has never been but we think she would LOVE it! It took her a second but she started to like it.

And to top it off, we made them wear bandanas!!! I'm so mean:)


Eastwood and Williams said...

Why did you skip Ty at the doggie wash???

Andie said...

I thought you guys were so mean for making Scout wear a cone on her head till I realized it was actually behind her, not on top of her.

Kristen said...

What a great idea. How did you find out about this? Isn't it funny that the female dog enjoyed being clean and the male dog didn't see a need for it? Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Cute! Your dogs are my favorite! I think you knew that already though :)