Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This week in review....

..So I have gotten behind in my blogging. I have spent all of my time looking for another car, cleaning, cooking, and working on our budget. So here is the noteworth(or not so noteworthy) events of the week:

1.We had a duck on our roof! He stayed there for about 30 minutes. I guess we have a comfortable roof!
2. Our car is gone!!! The grand prix has offically been retired and it was a sad day. This is the car we drove away from a wedding in. Its the car I dropped Ty off to go to Iraq, and picked him up in. It was Ty's first car and his baby. She is gone and she will be missed:(
3. I made a cheesecake! I have found my recipe! Ty said that is better than the cheesecake factory.
And I took this cool picture. Thats all!


The Millers said...

That cheesecake looks so yummy! Hope you guys find another car soon! It's wierd - I kinda felt sad for you guys as you were talking about all the memories your old car held! That's okay though...maybe this next car will be the one to take you across country or the one to bring home your first baby or something else really neat like that!!

Andie said...

Better than Cheesecake Factory? Wow, I am seriously impressed! My birthday is in October, so if you're wondering what to make me....;-)

The Seaman Family said...

What a busy week! But I am so glad you got a new car! You got an awesome deal and it sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see it! Now the duck that is pretty funny. And I agree with Andrea...I would love some of that!