Thursday, May 7, 2009

me so thankful!

Today, on this greatest of ThankfulThursdays, I embrace my inner hermit. Today is one of those days where my greatest joy would be spending the entire day in my pj’s sliding across the kitchen floor singing in to a wooden spoon at the top of my lungs. My luck, whenever I enjoy those times the window is open and the neighborhood gets a good listen to my ‘hermit-dom’.

So today’s ThanfulThursday is dedicated to all of you who love me despite my love of occasional solitude….

Today, I am thankful for…..

… it notes………how else would I organize my obscene number of shopping lists, appointment list, and lists in general???
…..asparagus season……I no longer have to wistful think about better times when these green stalks of joy don’t cost $327 a bundle. I embrace the stinky side effects!
…..Toilet brushes……seriously, think of life without and I bet you will be thankful too!
…..a dog smart enough to run away when I wake up to one giant lick on the face….seriously, she licked me right when I opened my eyes this morning then bolted. Ty couldn’t stop laughing.
…..whoever invented the headband…… makes dirty hair days okay
…..sunglasses…… I really need to explain this one???
…..lists…..does anyone else find this ironic?
…..garlic salt…….this has become a staple in our home
…..flip flops…….murder on my feet but heaven on my toes
… bicycle…..its that time of year that feeling the breeze is amazing

p.s. I’m ready to not be a hermit anymore. Does anyone wanna play with me?


Kristen said...

I would love to play, if only there was more time in the day. Do you want to go coach 5 year old soccer? What about our pedicure trip???????

Linz said...

I wanna play!

Oh man I didn't know about that stinky side effect until I learned it firsthand and I was shocked!!

The Miller Family said...

Lol. I took off that video just to be on the safe side, lol.

I want to come play...or better yet, why don't you just hop a flight and come down here?!?!? Tee hee hee.