Thursday, May 14, 2009

The WEINER!!!!!

.......Wanna know who won my quiz????? do???
....well, why don't I tell you than...........................................................

AFTER I give you the anwers! (I'm such a tease!)

1. Toilet Dog: We have a rule in our house that if a dog can fit in a toilet....its not a dog! Hence the name 'Toilet Dog!

2. Crack Salad: Its the McDonalds Grilled Southwest Salad. The addiction has gotten so bad that I think I may need to invent some kind of methadone for the stuff!

3. Shaky Cheese: Parm! can shake it, 'nuff said.

4. Doink Doink: You people are all sickos!!!!! Doink Doink is the sound the gavel makes at the end of Law and Order!

5. Buttons: Because I am lazy, I aparently felt the need to shorten the name remote control to buttons because it took too much effort to say.

6. Doggie Crumbs: Doggie crumbs are the result of puppies to head out in the morning to take a tinkle and then feel the pull the jump into bed and snuggle.....they leave behind sand or DOGGIE CRUMBS!

7. Dragons: For some reason, people seem to think, when it rains or one single snow flake falls, a giant dragon is pateintly waiting to jump out in front of them and devour their car with them inside if they go over 10 mph. So whenever there is traffic......we just say there are dragons out today!

8. Hair Binder: The only reason that I included this one is because it seems to be a Minnesota thing to call a pony tail holder a hair binder. Whenever I would say thing out at school it fueled a 10 minute conversation about how I was strange.

9. Clicker: Garage door opener.......get it? It Clicks!

10. Tomfredo: Ty has some pretty wicked heartburn so my culinary exhibitions have been limited to non spicy things, which is the very opposite of my dreams. Even Spaghetti sauce gives him pain. So I was making tortilini one day and decided to mix spaghetti sauce and alfredo for the sauce and it did the trick! Its one of Ty's favorite and it didn't have a name so I came up with the dumbest name possible!

11. Buddy & Butthead: This would be Blue and Scout....respectivly.

12. Camel kiss: When I want to annoy Ty I open my mouth, put it up against his check and close my teech. My lips are still where they would have been if my mouth was open. I call this a camel kiss because it gets him all slobbery....he loves it!!! (please note sarcasam here!)

As far as Duck Duck Gray Duck goes......this is another Minnesota thing. It is an ongoing argument between Ty and I whether it is Gray Duck or Goose. I have even gone so far as to start calling al Geese Gray Ducks.

After much deliberation and a...........................................the winner is...............
(and before you I will not take the picture down:))
Tell me when you want the cinnamon rolls!!! Saturday?


Kristen said...

Nice lookin' picture. YOU know I hate that one! I look all wrinkled. Not that I am not...but does it have to be so noticeable. On the flip side, I do like my hair! Hee hee...I won so You can post ugly pictures of me up, if you want....and I don't care...;-) I'll be loving the rolls. Benjy is pouting, however he knows I'll share! I know Jess probably should have won, but as I was reading the toilet dog, and the buttons, I was like, wait, I knew that and the dragons too! What the heck? Pregnancy memory!

Benjy said...

AUDREY what the world...I thought I was a sure win. Please let me know when you can pull the knife out of my back... I guess I still win since the rolls will eventually make it to our house.


molly and geoff archibald said...

i took this linguistics class in college and the one thing i remember was that if you ever meet someone who calls it a "hair binder", they are from within a 100 mile radius of the twin cities. it IS a regional thing. FUNNY! i'm guessing the duck duck gray duck thing is the same....