Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A pig and a quiz...

Ty and I were talking the other night and it occured to me that if any normal (and I mean that in the most general way possible) were listening......they would be as confused as a live pig at a picnic. By Golly...we have our own language!

So today, we will be having a little fun! Below are some words that Ty and I routinly use 'round these parts (insert dorking western accent here).

Whoever can correctly define the most words, will win either a batch of my kick A cinnamon rolls (seriously, ask around)......or if you are not from a 30 mile radius of me I will send you this nifty $5 target gift card in my wallet from an origin that I no longer remember.

Here's how to play....just copy and paste the below words into a comment and leave you definitions. Its that easy!!!! If you havn't a clue....take your wildest guess, extra points may be given for creativity of wrong answers in the event of a tie so you never know!!! Some may be more obvious than others. Winner will be announced ThankfulThursday morning!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!

1. Toilet Dog:
2. Crack Salad:
3. Shaky Cheese:
4. Doink Doink:
5. Buttons:
6. Doggie Crumbs:
7. Dragons:
8. Hair Binder:
9. Clicker:
10. Tomfredo:
11. Buddy & Butthead:
12. Camel kiss:

13. Duck Duck Gray Duck....this is fairly easy however I want you to tell me when Ty (or most of the country for that manner) disagrees with me on this game.


Kristen said...

Toilet Dog: toilet brush
2. Crack Salad: that mandarin salad you like.
3. Shaky Cheese:parmasean (can't spell)
4. Doink Doink: making whoopy?
5. Buttons: belly buttons
6. Doggie Crumbs: human food leftovers
7. Dragons: breath?
8. Hair Binder: pony holder
9. Clicker: remote
10. Tomfredo: you uncle named tom?
11. Buddy & Butthead: wrestling move
12. Camel kiss: okay...that is just plain gross... I hope it's not the same as toe?

shantel said...

13 is easy and drives me crazy how everyone says it here in MN..... It's Duck Duck Goose people!!!!

Mimi said...

1.Toilet Dog: toilet brush
2. Crack Salad: crunchy salad with croutons?
3. Shaky Cheese:Parmesan
4. Doink Doink: do I want to know?
5. Buttons: remote control
6. Doggie Crumbs: food on floor
7. Dragons: ?
8. Hair Binder: hair elastic
9. Clicker: Computer mouse
10. Tomfredo: Alfredo sauce?
11. Buddy & Butthead: you and Ty?
12. Camel kiss: kissing with Camel noises a la "Twister"?

DUCK DUCK GOOSE. Never learned it any other way ;)

Benjy said...

1. Toilet Dog: poopy
2. Crack Salad: lemon poppy seed salad
3. Shaky Cheese: cottage cheese
4. Doink Doink: doing it
5. Buttons: areolas
6. Doggie Crumbs: dingle berries
7. Dragons: booger
8. Hair Binder: clip
9. Clicker: remote control
10. Tomfredo: tomato alfredo
11. Buddy & Butthead: Scout and Blue
12. Camel kiss: tongue to nose

Kurt and Jes said...

1. Toilet Dog:Scout or a toliet brush
2. Crack Salad: Mc D' southwest salad
3. Shaky Cheese:Parmesan cheese
4. Doink Doink:I love you
5. Buttons:The devil
6. Doggie Crumbs:Floor food
7. Dragons:Traffic
8. Hair Binder:hair elastic
9. Clicker:remote control
10. Tomfredo:Spaggetti sauce mixed with Alfredo sauce
11. Buddy & Butthead:Blue and Scout
12. Camel kiss: snorting or doggie kisses aka helicoper kisses
13. Duck Duck Goose-Kurt annoyes me too!

Kristen said...

I would like to change my number 10answer. After being in your kitchen I now think it is Tomato alfredo! Also it is duck duck Grey Duck! You are in Minnesota...come on!

Kristen said...

okay, I know I lost to Jess. Man... she has had the rolls more than us. Will you share?

Kristen said...

Do I get something for effort?

Kurt and Jes said...

Don't worry Kristen my answers don't count, you still have a chance!

Kristen said...

Ummmm it's Thursday, Benjy and I are waiting.... we are so excited that one of us might have a chance to win!!!!!!!!!! We love your rolls. Too bad for all those people who didn't even try.. they have no idea what they are missing out on! You're going to give the real answers right?

Ty & Audrey said...

yep....I will give the answers tonight!!! I have some photos to post with the answers and I can't do it from work so you will have to check back tonight:):) I'm glad you are excited!