Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"I'm so happy you were married in the temple! I worried that you wouldn't!!!"

So I have heard this statement more than once in my lifetime and it makes me sad everytime. I ran into a women who was one of my young womens leaders and she was so shocked to see me in a church setting. So when she told me that she was suprised I had gone through the temple, it really got me thinking. I know I was a bad kid, but I never thought I was THAT bad. I hung out with a bad crowd, made bad decisions, I was an awful daughter, but I went to church every sunday (more because that is what my parents told me I had to do, but I did.)

It took a major fall out the the "crowd" to getting make me understand that if I didn't get out of here, I wasn't going to end up in a place that anyone would be jelous of. So at the begining of the second week in december I called BYU-I and ask was the chances were that I could come for the winter semester even though I had been accepted in the fall and not gone. Luckily, the agreed that I could come. In the same week, my grandpa died. I was the only grandchild so I had been a bit spoiled in my relationship. We headed to St Louis for the funeral. We got back the week after, which was the last week in december. My sister got married that week and I left for school the next day. It was the most emotionally taxing time I had at that point. I was definantly being watched over so that I could get to where I was suppose to be. I got to my new apartment a day before my roomates showed up. They were already living there so things were already set up. My dad helped my move in and we noticed some vugar things written in the bottom of the drawers and on some of the wall hangings. I decided that I was going to wait until I met my roomates before I made judgement. We the girls came (Hi Jeanne and Rachel!!) and were weirded out by the stuff too. Aparently, before the Christmas break the complex had fired a matience worker and he was not happy about it. He had used his key and gone into girls apartments and defiled them. We were really creeped out but got the mild end of it. Some girls had ketchup, syrup, and even human feces smeared all over there clothes!!!!

The point of this story is that I think all of these challeneges were being put in my way because I was doing the right thing. I never had any doubt that I would end up married in the temple but by the choices I made, make the straight and narrow overgrown with weeds. Everyday I risk not being able to find my way back and obviously other people saw that too.

So I will forever be greatful to all of the people lovingly guided me (without me knowing) through this time in my life. I just home that I can help even one other YW through a questionable time.


Brittany said...

I've gotten that same line from people before. It's very judgmental of them! Have they ever heard of the atonement and repentance? I'm proud of you to come out of that and look how well you're doing now! You've got the mormon brain tumor and everything!

Andie said...

You are a good example to the girls. They really look up to you.

The Seaman Family said...

Audrey, I love hearing those comments too, but you are so stong and are a great example to the girls in our ward and around you! I think these experiences when we were younger really make you stronger and really make your testimony grow and grow. I love that picture by the way!

Diane said...

You went through some rough times, but I always knew the goodness in your heart. Going to BYU and then marrying in the temple helped that goodness to grow and flourish. I love you. Mom

Grossarths said...

I'm so glad you came to BYU-I so that I could meet you and we could become such great friends! I'm going through some pictures right now and found the one of us hiding in my closet in our sweatshirts. It was that same day that we were trying to figure out the most non-nerdy way to push our glasses up on our faces! HaHa You're the best!