Monday, June 9, 2008

Things I am thankful for lately....

Things have been "interesting" lately prompting me to be thankful for the following things...

1. Paid vacation time
2. my Dyson vaccum
3. my new phone/text messaging
4. An ever progressing relationship
5. under-eye concealer
6. chest freezers
7. the public library
8. caller id
10. petsmart


Andie said...

Amen to numbers 1,4 (mine, not yours),8, and now 9, thanks to your helping me find a replacement phone on Saturday. I could also add number 7 except that the last time we checked out books I forgot to return them on time and now my card had $64 in overdue fines. Whooops, I guess we won't be using my card for a while!

Sarah said...

I so appreciate your gratitude. It can make even the most miserable day better.

Nicole said...

I can totally relate to #3. I broke my phone last week and it was miserable trying to deal with it. Now I have a new one and it's heaven. By the way...yeah, I did start blogging a few weeks ago (it's new, so you haven't been missing out for long). I saw the post you left on it.