Sunday, June 22, 2008

Short but important....

Things I am EXTREMELY thankful this week...
1. Slims auto clinic
2. my parents!!!! I can't this this enough, they have done so much for us..
3. drain-o, enough said!
4. Ty. I don't deserve someone as amazing to me.
5. cough drops
6. sloppy joes!!!
7. once again...CRAIGSLIST
8. my dogs

Update: SHE IS DEAD!!! The grand prix is officially dead and we can only get a obscenly low amount of money so they can part it out:( So now we are looking for a late 90's car that gets great gas mileage. Know of any???


Andie said...

Sorry 'bout your car. That blows.

Sarah said...

Hey- maybe you can find a car you're lookin' for on Craigslist. Maybe. Maybe not.

The Blairs said...

Sorry we already sold the jeep! it was great on gas! yeah eating it! =)
keep peekin' on craigslist you'll find something.