Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Serenity NOW!!!!!!!!

So its that time of year! The times of year my dog looks like he got in a fight with a grizzley. He has clumps of fur coming out and is just so hot. So I decided that today was the day to try and tackle to brushing. Blue HATES getting brushed and I hate doing it so twice a year we pay the grooming to take himf ro 3 hours and do it for us. We had already done it this season when it stated to get warm.

So I was brushing him for no more than 45 seconds and it already looked like this! You can't tell of that well but there were piles of fur EVERYWHERE! So if you come over anytime soon and it looks like a small pack of rabbits exploded on my lawn, you know why!


Kristen said...

You know, we could start playdates with your pups! Charlee often gets playdates with Ruby, Nicole's dog. He actually pouts when his playdate is over! I guess that is the nice part about having 2 dogs. They keep each other company.