Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 1 of super fun friend finder outter....

Like I said earlier, I am going to post about one of my friends everyday until Christmas. Some things may be informational, some sappy, and some embaressing....

So here goes!

Kristin Villireal
First and foremost..... Kristin is not HISPANIC!!!! She is infatic about this!
Kristin is a fantastic friend to talk/vent/laugh/scream with.
She refuses to buy a new camera even though she has had the same one for 8 years and it takes 14 years to process in between taking pictures.
She thinks she can't make cookies, but really (don't tell her I said this) she just thinks about it too much. If she would stop opening the door every 3 minutes they would be fine :)
And lastly, she lets Benjy cheat at his all time favorite game. Some of you know which one I'm talking about and I'm sure Kristin is cursing me right now, but I know Benjy sure is glad she lets him get away with this one:)


Kristen said...

ummmmm....I don't know what you are talking about? Ahhhhhh....thanks Audrey. You are right about the Cookies...part of my impatient personality, but I am glad you love me inspite of my imperfections! I am so thankful that we have have been brought to cross paths at this moment in each of our lives. You're personality keeps me laughing and guessing...all the while. You are a mystical one and I am thankful for our friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is that enough exclamations?)

Kristen said...

oops..."your" personality...can you tell that headache is still pounding...I am going to bed now, I made it past 8:30!