Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friend #3

Friend #3 in our series is none other than JoDell.
JoDell was one of the first friends that I made after we moved into the Anoka ward. She really was so engaging and a great help while Ty was gone. When I think of JoDell, here are the main things that come to mind:
1. If you need to have something done (ie: your roof replaced), need an item (ie:ANYTHING) JoDell is your girl. She can find ANYTHING at a killer price!
2. JoDell makes herself available to you if you ever need her. A truer statement was never spoken. She has helped me out many times on a whim and I greatly appreciate it.
3. She has a seceret to baking cookies!! I hope you don't mind that I tell Jo! She bakes them until they are about 3/4 the way done and then pulls them out of the over to finish baking on the cookie sheet. Makes perfect chewy chocolate chip cookies every time!

Thanks for being an awesome friend Jo!!!!


The Seaman Family said...

Thanks Audrey. We have had some fun, fun times and I have enjoyed them all. You're a great friend and I look forward to all of the many more fun times together. The cookie thing works every time! They are so yummy...oh wait if you walk away and forget about them they don't always turn out. Oh-well. YOu know I am always here for you or anyone else!

Diane and Jim said...

I must add my thanks and admiration for JoDell, too. She WAS our RS craft Saturday. She taught several projects, and they were all good ones!

The Miller Family said...

I agree! JoDell rocks!