Monday, December 15, 2008

Look mom! I have at least 5 friends!!!

Friend number 5 in our super duper friend finder outer is......(drum rollllllll) Jes Bennion!

Growing up, Jes and I knew of each other but we never really met. We ran in very similar circles but for whatever reason, never crossed paths. When Jes moved back to MN with Kurt we both eyed each other at church for a couple of weeks. We couldn't figure out how we knew each other. Finally we slowly began to test the waters and found that we were long lost friends who, by some strange change, never became friends!

We have been "tight" ever sense! We see each other often, shop together and even can share clothes because we both have big arses! Its okay, we know it:)

Oh yeah, and she makes cute kids too!


Kurt and Jes said...

Thanks Aud! I love ya too! Just so you know you can leave anytime soon cuz what would I do with out you!

Kristen said...

Ahhh....we miss Jes! It is great that you are still great friends even though they moved, cause now we get to see them every now and then too!

Nicole said...

I thought you were going to say your #5 friend was Michael :)

Diane and Jim said...

Your mom is one of those people who drive 4 mph in snow. But I guess you know that.