Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who in the world could #4 be????

Today lets talk about someone who I have grown quite found of. It's Andrea Anderson! There is a reason that I specifically picked Andrea today. She taught the lesson in young women's today about 'avoiding crisis living'. She did a demonstration that I remember from when I was in seminary. Some of you may know it but its when you take a jar and fill it with rocks. You think its full but you than pour pebbles into the jar that fill in the empty spaces. You than proceed to do the same with sand and finally water demonstrating that you need to take our jar and decide which things in our lives are rocks, pebble, sand, and water.

Andrea has inspired me to lists these thing our for my life. As I think about it though, I've decided that at different points in my life, the rocks change. Sometimes things just aren't as important as they once were. As of this point in time, here are my rocks:

  1. My Job. Its taking up most of my life right now but it is also giving me the opportunity to have a nice home, make yummy dinners, and spend some times doing things for no other reason than I want too.
  2. My relationship with my Heavenly Father. It is so much easier to put this in the fore front when you are in need of his help and guidance. I am working on putting him first always.
  3. Ty......I am an independant person who loves alone time but I know that it is my job and desire to take care of him. I love doing little things for him so that he knows his loved.
  4. Taking care of myself. Unfortunantly, I have come to the point that I need to make choices about what things I have time for and who I should spend time with in the limited about of free time I have. That means that some projects and even some relationships may become more of a pebble.
  5. Making time for those relationships that are of great value to me and I have an opportunity to serve.
  1. My photography and cooking. Its really important to me but it needs to come after all of my rocks are taken care of.
  2. shaving my legs. Some may disagree but thats how I feel! :)
  3. Cleaning every surface and creves in my home before Ty's parents get here. Important but not the most important. (Good thing I have Ty to pick up my slack.)
Sand AND Water
  1. grocery shopping
  2. getting a pedicure
  3. selling stuff on ebay
This stuff sound so frivilous compared to my rocks but thats just how my life is right now!

I'm really thankful that Andrea took the time to prepare this lesson. It forced me to prioritize. Thats one of the reasons I love her, she takes so much time and care. (And the fact that she will do dumb stuff with me like go get Breaking Dawn at midnight on the night it is released!)


Andie said...

Thanks, it's nice to know I make the list! ;-)

That was a fun lesson to prepare. I saw that rock thing at a stake enrichment once and it's stuck with me ever since.

I can't believe I thought I didn't want to go get Breaking Dawn 'cuz I was worried I'd be too crabby the next day. What was I thinking--it was totally worth the four hours of sleep I got over the course of 48 hours. Plus hiding in the Wal-Mart clothes rack with our stash was fun!

Sarah said...

Talk about putting perspective into my life. Thanks for the help. I have been working on that. Glad life is good for ya! :)

Ryan Anderson said...

Yeah, I guess I'd have to agree: Andrea is a good friend.