Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday....

I feel like I have spent the majority of my time figuring out the best way to get to the next day lately and thats fine. In difficult times, I realizae just how blessed I am.

1. Family... They drive me crazy sometimes but they are a part of who I am. I'm thankful for the support, the obligated niceness when I'm not so nice, the knowledge that they is always someone to turn too, and the chance to support other people who are so important to me.

2. My calling....Do you know we have some of the rockin'est girls ever!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much they impress me. I hope, hope, hope that maybe I can give them something too.

3. My terrible taste in books. With my embaressed love of chick lit, there is always something new to read!

4. Hair Binders...I may write a poem one day and dedicate it to this fantastic invention.

5. Pledge all purpose works wonders and smells like a dream.

6. Sonicare toothbrush!

7. Jumpper Cables..Ty and I have been carpooling everyday and so when we go to use my care on the weekend, its DEAD! I'm thankful we own some of those suckers.

8. The vast amount of knowledge on the internet. I can learn almsot anything!!! Ask me how to cut a star out of a piece of computer paper with only one cut!

9. A top sheet. I will need to explain this one. Sense Ty and I got married, I have been a ditcher of the top sheet. I would just throw it in a closet and scowl everytime I saw it. The reason being that I HATE making the bed and the top sheet just takes soooo much my effort and least the way I was doing it. Ty taught me how to do military corners when we got our new sheet set last week and so I thought I would give it a chance. It is AMAZING!!! I sleep so much better!!!!

10. Drum roll please............. I am the most thankful that now it is winter Ty is in the office and I can send leftovers with him to lunch instead of having to pack a seperate lunch for him everyday!!!!!


Kristen said...

I love how you think of those little things that I am thankful for too...but I forget to be thankful for them until you blog about top sheets...the little things that I feel like I take for granted, you bring out in your blog! Thanks lady!

Mimi said...

what are hair binders? so curious now

Ty & Audrey said...

Hair binders are just hair ties, you know those elastic things you pull your hair into a pony tail with. It is TOTALLY a minnesota thing to call them 'hair binders'.