Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 2......Linna Mae Blair!

Linna Mae Blair, formerly Austin, is one of the biggest blessings ever to happen in my life. Linna lived in the apartment next to mine during my very first semester at BYU-I. We instatntly clicked. We soon learned that we had all sorts of freaky similarities. Like we have the same exact birthday, the same car (see how proud we are???), and extremely similar pasts.

Linna became my very best friend. We were able to talk about anything and be totally honest too. We could tell each other about how stupid we were being and still end up loving each other more. I remember on VERY distinct time. Linna and I decided to head down to a concert in Salt Lake one weekend on a whim. This was perfect because we are both total music FREAKS. Well, we got there and decided not to go tot he concert but Linna had a thing for a boy who was down there for the weekend. So we looked them up and decided to hang out. They had a 3rd friend who came along who, for whatever reason, I decide I liked. To shorten the story up, the boy Linna liked got a little inappropriate and so she said she wanted to leave right than. Well it was midnight and not to mention that I was on the verge of have a NCMO (if you don't automatically know what that is, you a. didn't go to school in Idaho or Utah, or b. you don't want to know) so I wasn't ready to leave. Seeing as how it was Linna's car, we left. We got in a huge screaming match on the way out of there and Linna decided she needed to sleep so she went in to the back seat. Well, 3 hours later she woke up and I hadn't even made it out of SALT LAKE! I got completely lost and we were sitting under the highway in some weird bus/truck depot. We couldn't stop laughing and the fight was offically over!!

We had many many spontanious times. We were going to go to see a band of one of my friends in town and so we decided to get all prettied up. Well, this is what Linna came up with at first. It was one of my all time favorite pictures. I call it the trailor trash prom queen. I love that you can even see her appendix scar! (I told you some of this would be embaressing for some people!)

Well, we went to the show and Linna saw a cute boy and was feeling a little shy so I got to play wing man. I went to talk to him and see if he wanted to go get ice cream or something with us. He took a look a Linna and said that she was really cute and he was totally flattered but he was pretty sure he was jail bait for her. It turned out he was 15!!!!!!!!!! He totally didn't look like it but I couldn't stop laughing the rest of the night!!! So I have offically hit on a minor!

We really did become best friends. She even tweezed my eyebrows for me. For whatever reason, I just couldn't do it when I was in college so Linna took on the task for me!

Linna's middle finger on her left hand is cut off right before the first knuckle. During the first couple of years that I knew Linna, she HATED it. When she would go on dates, she would make sure that she was always on the guys left side in case he tried to hold her hand, he would noticed the finger. She even cried the night she told her now husband about it. Well, I loved her finger and nicknamed him stubby. Stubby is AWESOME! She has sense grown out of her dislike for him, but he is sooo much more for me!!!!!

Linna and I have even more crazy similarities! We both got married in the Logan temple, on the same weekend one year apart, to boys to high school football teams played each other. I swear she is my soul mate!!!

So what is the whole point of this post???? I can't express how special Linna is. I love her with all of my heart and want her to know that. She is my most very cherished friend!!! We should all be so lucky......


The Blairs said...

That post totally made me cry! i miss you so much! i miss our college days together! (i didnt remember you had any of those pictures!) but the stories are all accurate for you other readers out there.. embarrising yes but true.. I love you too and yes were are sister from another MR.

ps that 15year old had facial hair!!!!

Andie said...

NCMO: that's a term I haven't heard in a looooong time!

Robert said...

For the longest time I just thought you were crazy...and this blog definitely confirms my suspicions.

Kristen said...

I need to meet Linna Mae Blair... we could all have a blast together, especially if she is a lot like you! Since I didn't go to a Church School, you will have to fill me in on NCMO!

molly and geoff archibald said...

so it turns out the world isw even smaller than we thought...linna is friends w/ audra, one of MY oldest and dearest friends...we were pen pals (back in the days of expensive long distance phone calls) since we were 7 years old!

Anonymous said...

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