Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nagpapasalamat Huwebes (It really is words! Tagalog at its finest!)

I have decided to put my love of lists aside for a week…..
So here is my unconventional ThankfulThursday (sense when are my lists conventional???)

This week I have become alarmingly aware of the pure amount of friends that we have. I’m not talking numbers but just the amount of caring that people pass our way is astonishing to me. Yesterday alone, 3 couples who have either been in my life and moved away, or else have been reunited with lately contacted me. Unfortnantly, I have the best of intentions, but whenever we move or our friends more we mean to stay in touch but we have a REALLY tough time (lazy) doing it.

Not to mention all of the friends that we have right here near home. I’m honestly overwhelmed by the number of people that I could call if I ever needed ANYTHING, and that includes just need to vent a little….coughkristincoughcough. We are truly blessed with these amazing people in our lives. You guys bring me soooo much joy. We appreciate you and love you dearly (even if we aren’t always the best at showing it.)

So I have decided that I am going to embarrass some of you by posting each day until Christmas about one of you and why I am thankful for you. It may be short and sweet, or it may be embarrassing but know that I am doing it because I love you! Oh yeah, and it may even include pictures if I have them (laughs evilly) !!!! So stay tuned tonight for number 1!


Kristen said...

Thanks for letting me vent to today, Audrey! cough, cough! It is always nice to be able to vent to someone who knows you well enough and can relate with no judgements! The more we talk, the more I realize just how much our personalities compliment each other. It amazes me, even though I am much older than you....notice I did not use the words...wiser, just older!;-)